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The proposed product falls under internet of things

Submitted by Workbench Projects (@wp) (proposing) on Sep 22, 2015

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The proposed product falls under internet of things. Apart from providing power savings, the same product also features office space automation/scheduling

  • Saves atleast 10% (Average savings > 20%) of the energy consumed in office spaces. The product saves energy by controlling power consumed by lights, computers and Air Conditioners (HVAC systems).

  • Affordable at very less price (costs <Rs. 200/employee and lesser if mass produced for lighting & computer solution) in comparision to high cost (~USD 85) for a reliable occupancy sensor. ( The proposed product cost breaks even within 1 year.

-Under similar circumstances, saves significantly more power than occupancy sensor or any other commercially available solution

-Invention protected by international patents:

  • Initial prototype ready for exhibition

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