Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire 2015

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Smartphone Accessory for Visually Challenged

Submitted by Nipun Kanade (@kanadenipun) on Sep 22, 2015

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


To ease the life of visually challenged, help them use the most out of the smartphone.


Smartphones have becomce an essential element of our lives and we can’t imagine a single day without them, our roti (tinyowl/dominos) kapda (myntra/mywash) makaan (housing) comes from it. The simple things like ordering a pizza, or booking a Uber is so easy for us. BUT if you think from a blind person’s perspective its not so easy rather too difficult. We are changing this with our smart accessory which can be plugged in to any android/ios device and can help operate the phone without using the touchscreen. Enough said, We’ll demonstrate if you let us in :)

Speaker bio

Started a H/W startup in College, Quitted then started working for Wipro R&D. Opensource Hardware enthusiast, have taken numerous sessions on robotics and embedded systems including a workshop in EFY ELectronics Rocks 2013. I love speaking to people and sharing whatever I’ve learnt.


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